From the New York Post:

Stepping off their private plane at remote Auburn-Lewiston Airport in Maine, the 17-year-old boy and his family climb into the waiting Escalade that whisks them to the elite Bates College in less than five minutes.

The group spends the afternoon touring the renowned liberal arts school before jetting off the next day to Pittsfield, Mass., to visit the prestigious Williams College in nearby Williamstown.

“It’s becoming a bigger part of our business,” says Anthony Tivnan, president of leading private-jet charter company Magellan Jets, which organized the 12-leg, $150,000 trans-America tour for the son of a California-based financier and his relatives in August 2014.

“Dozens of families are taking advantage of the convenience by visiting colleges this way.”

1) Williams is selling a luxury good. The more that we appear in articles like this, the better for our brand.

2) Did any of our readers do this tour or know someone who did? Tell us about it!

3) Whether Pittsfield airport is “nearby” Williams depends on the amenities in the Escalade, I think.

4) EphBlogs advice: Don’t take your kid to visit 20 schools. (Last thing you want is for Willy Jr to fall in love with a school for a shallow reason.) Visit one or two that you are thinking about for early decision/action. Then, if needed, apply widely. Then, once accepted, visit as many as you like.

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