CAITLIN-CANTY-RECKLESS-SKYLINE-DIGITAL-COVER-800x800-square-300x300NPR has compiled its useful midyear music highlights list, and Caitlin Canty ’04 makes the cut in the “Country/Americana” category:

Caitlin Canty, “Get Up”

The Vermont-born songwriter is going to feel right at home in Nashville if she can keep writing songs like this.

“Get Up” is the lead track off Canty’s Kickstarter-funded album “Reckless Skyline” (pictured above), but I’ve found “My Love For You Will Not Fade,” a few songs later, to be the song which keeps me hitting “replay.”

The album itself has received adulatory reviews. The San Francisco Chronicle:

“How can I belong to you and belong to me?” sings Caitlin Canty on “True,” a gorgeous lament from her new album, “Reckless Skyline.” The Vermont native with a casually devastating voice and unshakable poise is bound to be the next great Americana star — except nobody knows it yet. Recorded in just four days with money she raised on crowd-funding website Kickstarter, the 12 songs here sound wonderfully lived-in, with Canty’s easy way with folk, blues and country motifs driving standout songs… Canty is ready to be discovered.

Elmore Magazine:

She is a consummate songwriter who has collaborated with a number of different bands. This, her third full-length album release, is a fine collection of 12 songs that ranges from country ballads to dark blues and quiet folk. Ms. Canty’s voice is soft, sure and brings to mind Bonnie Raitt, Lucinda Williams and Gillian Welch. That’s pretty good company to be a member of!

The opening cut, “Get Up,” is especially compelling and sets the tone for the entire set. It urges the listener to “knock the breath out of your madness / burn your photographs at the edges.” In other words, shake off the blues and self-pity and get back to living. Ms. Canty’s lyrics are sharp, clear, poetic and steeped in nature … The album closes with a whimsical waltz, “Cold Habit,” that lingers on in the mind long after the fade out.

Caitlin Canty possesses a rare and intelligent talent that has earned her growing respect and admiration. This beautiful album can only advance a career that deserves much greater renown

Absolute Punk:

Reckless Skyline, produced by acclaimed singer-songwriter Jeffrey Foucault, is a staggering work and arguably one of 2015’s first triumphant efforts. The disc vacillates between fiery rockers, howling blues cuts and earthen folk ballads. Anchored by her dulcet alto, Reckless Skyline is a master class in precision. To put it simply, if you’re a struggling singer-songwriter and you want to know how to do it better, study this album and dive in. It will level you…

Though she is a tried-and-true New Englander, Canty also spends time in both Nashville and Idaho and no song on the disc is more Idahoan than the sun-drenched and rustic “I Never.” Easily her best lyrical song of the dozen, “ I Never” is also her most personal and her most vulnerable. To put it simply, we listen to music for songs like “I Never”…

You may be familiar with Canty from two previous solo albums, a number of performances with Darlingside, or from Down Like Silver, her musical work with the talented Peter Bradley Adams (Eastmountainsouth). Like many Eph musicians, her time at Williams College laid the foundation for her musical success: in Canty’s case, she took a songwriting seminar one Winter Study at Williams, and her songwriting talents are the bedrock of Reckless Skyline, most of which is her own songwriting work.

The album is available on CD from Canty’s website through the link above, or for MP3 download at Amazon. And catch her live in Manhattan at the Rockwood Music Hall on August 5.

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