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Feels Like Forever

Curious about Airbnb? This New York Magazine article is a good place to start. And it features a cameo by Andrew Goldston ’09.

It wasn’t long before some of these stories made their way to the office of State Senator Liz Krueger. Located in a non­descript office building on the far, far Upper East Side, behind a rack of scaffolding and a row of construction workers doing a ­modern-day reenactment of the famous photograph of guys lunching on an I-beam, Krueger’s tiny warren of rooms is basically the opposite of Airbnb’s airy headquarters. As are the senator’s opinions. “She lives to destroy us,” one person at Airbnb complained. But to be fair, she’s been trying to destroy businesses like Airbnb since Chesky and Gebbia were in short pants.

“How long have I been working on this, Andrew?” asks the blonde, chatty senator, peering out from behind her cluttered desk.

“It feels like forever,” says her earnest 28-year-old spokesman, Andrew Goldston.

I bet that, behind the scenes, Andrew was feeding the author lots of dirt about Airbnb. Not that there is anything wrong with that!