Ethan Zuckerman ’93 reflects on Global Voices:

When Global Voices was formed, Its objectives were: first, to enable and empower a community of “bridgebloggers” who “can make a bridge between two languages, or two cultures.” Second to develop tools and resources to make achieving the first objective more effective. It has maintained a working relationship with mainstream media. Reuters, for example, gave Global Voices an unrestricted grant in January 2006. For its contribution to innovation in journalism, Global Voices was granted the 2006 Knight-Batten Grand Prize.

The organization now states its goals as to:

  • “Call attention to the most interesting conversations and perspectives emerging from citizens’ media around the world by linking to text, photos, podcasts, video and other forms of grassroots citizens’ media.”
  • “Facilitate the emergence of new citizens’ voices through training, online tutorials, and publicizing the ways in which open-source and free tools can be used safely by people around the world”.
  • Advocate for freedom of expression … and protect the rights of citizen journalists

The organizations has a team of regional editors that aggregates and selects conversations from a variety of blogospheres, with a particular focus on non-Western and underrepresented voices.

Read both the Wikipedia entry and Ethan’s reflections. His Bicentennial Medal was well deserved.

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