From the Record (txt):

Coffin Incident Closed By Expulsion Of Two

The two students who attacked Chaplain Coffin’s home with a shotgun last Saturday night have been expelled from the college.

After a brief review of the case, the Student-Faculty Disipline Committee recommended the expulsion to President Baxter. Baxter followed the committee’s recommendation and approved the expulsion on his return to Williamstown Sunday morning.

Official notification was sent to the students Monday. Appeal against the decision might be made to the President, but it is unlikely that a reversal could be obtained.

I have heard a rumor that the facts of the case are not what they appear from the historical record. First, that there may have been a third student involved, a student who was never punished, who graduated and went on to a long and successful career in finance. Not that there is anything wrong with that! Second, that one of the students punished had nothing to do with the attack but took the fall for his fraternity brother.

What have you heard?

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