Williams is #1 again in the US News rankings. Comments:

1) We need someone (HWC?) to share with us the underlying data and provide an analysis of how safe this status is. Help!

2) Kudos to Adam Falk and the rest of the administration! There are few things more important to the Williams brand, especially with international applicants and their families, then maintaining this ranking. Staying #1 may not be hard, given Williams’ resources, but screwing this up could have been easy.

3) How many years in a row have we been #1? I lose track.

4) Many schools do a lot of suspect/sleazy things to improve their rank. Does Williams? Morty, infamously, capped discussion class size at 19 to ensure that the maximum number of classes met this US News cut off.

5) Thoughts on other schools? I am most suspicious of Bowdoin, with its SAT optional policy. My sense is that schools like Swarthmore and Pomona are much more competitive and have a higher quality student body. I am most worried, long term, about Pomona. Its LA location make it a much more practical school for international applicants from Asia.

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