From an anonymous faculty member:

Have you heard of the plan to build a new WCMA on the corner of Southworth and Main — with parking lots (buses!!) down Southworth Street?

When will this insanity stop???

Does anyone have details about this ludicrous idea? Marginal dollars should be spent on directly improving the undergraduate experience, not on more buildings and empire building.

Apparently it is the “current preferred location” with the Williams Inn site being “too far” and the Town garage site too inconvenient although beautifying that area would do more for the town than the rape of a beautiful street….

The money spent on the Williams College Museum of Art would be better spent on improving the quality of the student body by, for starters, matching the financial aid offers that applicants receive from Harvard/Yale/Princeton/Stanford. To increase the size of the WCMA is madness.

Can any readers supply details?

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