The two big stories in higher education right now involve Missouri and Yale. But, since this is EphBlog, we need a Williams connection before opining. So, start with this tweet from crypto-conservative Professor Nate Kornell:


The linked article provides a good overview of the controversy at Yale. Judging by his tweets and retweets, I would say that Kornell is a critic of student complaints. Which raises the question: Did he support (publicly or privately) the Taco Six?

I have my doubts. It is easy to criticize students at another school for overreacting to a memo about Halloween costumes. It is much harder (?) to support students at your own school who are being attacked by your own administration for their choices in Halloween costume.

There is an even better Eph connection to the Yale administration that I will leave as a reader puzzle . . .

I can’t find a better Eph connection to events at Missouri than this.

With the U. of Missouri football team firing the president and chairman of the board, it looks like Mizzou will get an administration worthy of its football team, which is 1-5 in conference play and has wracked up quite a record in recent years for sexual assault and domestic violence charges.

A recurrent theme here at iSteve is how conservative millionaires give a lot more to college football than to advancing their ideas. For example, Mizzou is notoriously bad at fundraising compared to powerhouses like the U. of Alabama . . .

On the other other hand, Manhattan-born Paul Singer uses his giving on Presidential candidates (it was front-page news when he endorsed Marco Rubio), fundraiser for the Manhattan Institute, push for gay marriage, Israel, and more immigration (for America, not Israel). You can buy a lot of think tank staffers for the cost of first rate offensive coordinator.

Indeed. Can anyone provide a better link to events at Missouri than an offhand reference to Investment Committee member Paul Singer P ’96 ’00?

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