There was an event at 4:00 PM in Paresky today.mizzou

Picture via Dean Reyes’ instagram feed. Comments:

1) Judging from comments on Yik Yak, I think that this event was designed to demonstrate solidarity with students at the University of Missouri. (Black and gold are its official colors.) Was this also in support of protesters at Yale? I don’t think so.

2) Were there any speeches at the event? If so, tell us about them! If there are any transcripts, many alumni/parents would be interested in reading them.

3) I think phrases like “black out” and “black on campus” were also associated with the entire day.

4) Did Adam Falk attend? Was he wearing all black today? He should have been, even (especially!) if he thinks these students are overwrought and/or misguided. Better to be obviously on their side than to be a focus of their anger.

Longtime Williams watchers will recall the Stand With Us protests of 7 years ago. Short version: Racial graffiti in Williams E followed by much campus upheaval. Organizers decide to have a protest march and rally. Some discussion about demands and/or ending at the Presidents House. But Morty Schapiro, sly devil that he was and is, joined the protest march. Genius! How could the protesters get angry with him and/or make demands when he was obviously on their side? Future Williams presidents should learn from Morty’s insights into student psychology.

UPDATE: According to In the ‘Cac, the event was designed to support African American students at the University of Missouri.

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