Professor Sam Crane’s Williams Alternative article on “conservative privilege” at Williams must be a parody. Right? No? He actually believes it! OK, then. Let’s spend a few days taking it apart. Today is Day 3.

The group might claim that they are politically neutral but, in fact, they are being used by conservative forces nationally.

Again, Sam treats these students — some of whom are his students! — as children. He thinks that they are “being used” by the shadowing conservative bogeymen that he sees behind every purple mountain. In Sam’s world, these students have no agency. On their own, they would never think of wanting to invite a conservative speaker to campus. Of the many insulting things his article, this is the worst.

Why should a very small conservative group have privileged access to outside resources that other Williams students and faculty are denied?

Again, who is denying Professor Crane anything? Has Emperor Adam Falk issued an edit which prevents Sam from talking to alumni? Does the College monitor his phone and e-mail? No. Sam is a tenured professor at Williams College. It is still a free country. He can call anyone and ask them for money.

Now, in Sam’s defense, he might have a case that the situation for students is different than that of faculty, that students have fewer freedoms than faculty have? Perhaps. But then he ought to make that case. He ought to stop claiming that faculty can’t do these things.

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