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Crane on Conservative Privilege IV

Professor Sam Crane’s Williams Alternative article on “conservative privilege” at Williams must be a parody. Right? No? He actually believes it! OK, then. Let’s spend a few days taking it apart. Today is Day 4.

At the very least, the Williams College administration should disallow the use of external alumni funds to promote the “Uncomfortable Learning” project and they should enforce all rules for student groups equally.

For students, the key policy is:

Students who wish to raise money for any campus activity by soliciting alumni, foundations, or other sources of funds must receive advance approval. Students interested in fundraising should contact the Assistant Director for Student Involvement in the Office of Student Life at least two weeks in advance. Most fundraising requires approval from the Dean’s Office, the Provost, and the Vice President for College Relations.


1) When did this policy come into effect? Who created it?

2) Is this policy actually enforced? There are many (dozens?) of student fundraising activities, many for local charities. Does each of them really seek and receive approval? If not, then the College had better not start to apply this rule just to conservative students.

3) Does this policy apply if the students never touch the money? As it has been explained to me, the money goes directly from the pockets of alumni X to speaker Y.

4) Is this policy a good idea? Previous discussion here.