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Star Wars Week: Episode 2

Part 1 of the series here.


“Star Wars” takes place “a long time ago in a galaxy far away,” but is produced by Hollywood in the here and now. Who is the most prominent Eph connected to Star Wars? Likely Jonathan Headley ’89, recently named as Treasurer of the Walt Disney Company, which purchased LucasFilm and the associated Star Wars properties back in 2012. In contrast to the press release linked above, Ephs might appreciate the unofficial take of fanblogger John Frost, however:

In his new role, Headley will be responsible for picking up Bob Iger’s laundry, walking Pluto twice a day, replacing Oxford commas, and repairing holes in the Storybook Circus tents at Walt Disney World.

As a freshman at Williams, Headley’s entry was Williams D (just before asbestos removal, and midway between the 1970s and 1990s renovations), along with future IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman ’89. Here’s Headley’s freshman facebook photo:

Headley Freshman Facebook



While at Williams, Headley double-majored in Computer Science and Economics — the perfect preview for his future career at Disney (and where he no doubt rubbed shoulders with many other Force-heads).  Outside of class, he was a part of one of Williams’ notable Men’s crew teams, spending many hours commuting to and from Lake Onota. As a senior, racing in this boat at the Head of the Charles, Headley was involved in a long-remembered collision at the Weeks Footbridge:

Williams College Club Eight Entry, Head of the Charles Regatta, 1989, via Sport Graphics

Williams College Club Eight Entry, Head of the Charles Regatta, 1989, via Sport Graphics

I know Headley was back at Williams as recently as last year for reunion, his 25th. If “Episode VII” is the success that Disney hopes, perhaps he’ll be stepping off the shuttle at his next visit with a flourish of trumpets and his own Star Wars theme playing in the background.