Fun article about EphBlog favorite Ethan Zuckerman ’93:

How do you insure that your information diet is balanced?

Twitter is my main tool for ensuring news balance. I follow many members of the Global Voices community; either because we’ve become friends, or because I’m fascinated by what’s going on in the country they live in. I look at who they retweet and follow those users as well. I’ll add a few new feeds this way when something interesting is unfolding in a corner of the world, and may remove folks from the list when there’s less news going on. Periodically, I’ll audit who I’m following and adjust for gender and geographic distribution to try to ensure better balance.

Read the whole thing.

There is no better example of the difference between left and right in this country than Zuckerman’s desire to create gender balance in his reading. I don’t particularly care about the genitals of the authors I read. Do you?

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