Professor Vijay Prashad is a virulent anti-Semite.

Prashad recently joined the Geobbels-esque choir chanting their latest popular “Palestinian children were killed in cold blood” refrain.

Typically, these catchy tunes list names of Palestinians killed in the act of stabbing, shooting, or running over Jews.

Prashad’s own list, published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette, named six individuals—one who is decidedly NOT dead, four who were killed-while-killing or trying to kill, and one who child who was an adult caught in the crossfire between a terrorist and police.

One does not have to be a news junky to know that the Palestinians that have died in the recent terrorist wave are not being “killed in cold blood.” The US media has reported clearly on the causality of these events.

Hence, when Prashad blatantly lies about his own list and later about “over 150” Palestinians, he is demonizing the Jewish state and thus fanning the flames of anti-Semitism among Gazette readers—and likely on Trinity College campus where he is employed and on any campus he visits as a speaker.

And one of these campuses was Williams College.

Granted, that was back in 2010. However, Williams has invited other speakers more recently that are part of the tidal wave of anti-Semitism that is crashing across college campuses.

Just last semester, for example, the college hosted Remi Kanazi who denies Jewish right to self-determination. Kanazi poeticizes about segregated bus (no such thing), hundreds of Israeli checkpoints (there are 13), and other fabrications in order to falsely associate Jewish society with apartheid. And Kanazi dreams of day when “Zionists” will cower.

This dreck arrived on campus and was not banned.

President Falk appears not to even have bothered to identify Kanazi’s fabrications as hate speech or condemn it as anti-Semitism.

So President Falk’s decision to ban Derbyshire from campus, of course, begs the question:

Should Williams deny a racist’s right to free speech (Derbyshire) but support that of an anti-Semite (Kanazi/Prashad)?

Is there one standard for African Americans and other groups and another for Jews?

And if the president desires to “protect” students, should he not protect ALL students?

Or none.

Certainly, to protect some groups and not others IS bigotry.

And so, should we not be objecting to this double-standard?

And if we do not object, are we not ourselves accomplices to bigotry?

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