Dominick Dunne, Williams Class of 1949, was awarded the Bicentennial Medal in 1999.

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This is the closing line of the tribute to him:  “May your remarkable skills as social anthropologist long continue to reveal the rights and wrongs of a society still groping to find its moral bearings.”

In 1995 Dominick Dunne covered the OJ Simpson trial for Vanity Fair magazine.

And what coverage it was …

If O.J. Simpson’s murder trial took place today, a perpetual stream of social-media updates from the courtroom would alert us to everything from the defense attorneys’ outfits to the most shocking moments on the stand.

In 1995, when the trial actually happened, we had none of that. Instead, we had Dominick Dunne.  

In the new FX series The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, actor Robert Morse plays Dunne to perfection.

In the 15 years since the trial, we have learned many things about common police handling of blacks from harassment to the horrific use of deadly force. Perhaps it is easier now to understand, if not agree with, the black reaction to the ‘not guilty’ verdict.

Some of this process of obtaining new wisdom may apply to the many column inches of deconstruction and parsing currently running on Ephblog … there is a value to the simple humanity of trying to understand another’s point of view.

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