Does Professor Nate Kornell really believe that banning speakers is a good idea, or is he just hopeful that, if he spouts the usual PC-vanities, the speech police won’t come for him next? I don’t know. But if Williams leftist are looking for another person to attack, Kornell would make for an interesting target.

1) Kornell is, obviously, a rape apologist.

2) Kornell fails to support — which is more or less the same thing as attacking — minority students.

3) Most relevantly, Kornell agrees with John Derbyshire, Steve Sailer and Charles Murray about the nature and importance of IQ. Recall:


Here are some truths that Kornell almost certainly believes.

1) IQ tests like the SAT are some of the most important and reproducible results in all psychology. Doing well on an IQ test is highly correlated with all sorts of outcomes including performance in Williams college classes.

2) IQ is significantly genetic. The population variance that is explained by genes is at least 50% and possibly much more. The best way to ensure that your children are smart is to marry someone smart, and that is just as true even if you intend to give up your children for adoption.

3) Measured IQ (using any intelligence test, including the SAT) varies significantly by race, with African-Americans scoring much lower than, say, Asian-Americans.

4) The 10,000 or so genes that are affect IQ are being identified. This work is the “locomotive” that Charles Murray refers to as heading toward the social sciences. Within ten years, you will be able to make a fairly decent prediction, at birth, of what someone will score on the SAT 16 years later.

And that is just a sample of Professor Nate Kornell’s horrible beliefs! How can Adam Falk put up with such hate speech infecting Williams College classrooms?

UPDATE: Kornell recants.

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