Professor Nate Kornell shared his thoughts on the UL/Derbyshire/Falk controversy.

I’ve been criticized for a recent tweet in which I supported the decision to disinvite a speaker in a lecture series here at Williams College, where I teach. In case anyone cares (which I doubt) here’s my thinking.

One thing I’m sure of, though: College campuses are THE place where rational debates should find safe harbor. If colleges want to create safe spaces, they should be places where it is safe to speak one’s mind, not where people are safe from hearing messages they don’t like (having such spaces is fine, but colleges needn’t provide them).

I wouldn’t want to disinvite someone because I don’t like their message — again, I want to hear from people who disagree with me — but only if they don’t make a rational case for it.

Read the whole thing. Comments:

1) We love Nate Kornell! He is exactly the sort of professor that Williams needs more of, engaged with both his students and the wider world. Kudos to Williams for hiring/tenuring him.

2) Glad to see Kornell come to his senses (although that last sentence could have used a good editor).

3) How many professors have supported Falk’s cancellation? Sarah Bolton, Sam Crane . . . Others?

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