gravesIs it random that, on the same evening Charles Murray is speaking on campus, we now have this event? I doubt it! Especially since the Davis Center’s weekly newsletter did not mention the talk when it released this week’s schedule of events, nor is the event listed in the Williams Calendar.

Murray is speaking at 7:30. The Facebook page is here. Murray tweets:


The “Coming Revolution” is genetics. We discussed it a bit yesterday. Summary:

1) All human behavioral traits are heritable. (pdf) If your genetic parents were criminals, you are much more likely to be a criminal than a random person is, even if you were given up for adoption at birth.

2) Human evolution has been recent, copious and regional. (link) There are major genetic differences between individuals whose ancestry traces back to, say, west Africa and those whose ancestry traces back to northwest Asia.

3) Many of the specific genes that explain major portions of the population variation in many important things (height, athleticism, appearance, empathy, intelligence, beauty, loyalty, et cetera) will be identified in the next decade.

But I am more curious about the purpose behind, and likely success of, the decision to schedule Graves for the same evening. Comments from readers?

1) Who invited Graves and when was that decision made? If the Record were a competent paper, it would find out. Odds are, the senior staff (Falk? Haynes?) decided that having just Charles Murray on campus was asking for trouble.

2) Was it smart to schedule Graves for 90 minutes, directly prior to Murray’s talk? Seems weird to me. Who wants to listen to 3 hours of race/genetics/IQ? Not me! Given that, how many people will come to see Graves (at that awkward start time of 6:00 PM) when Murray, the big draw, is at 7:30?

3) The College, via tools like its official twitter account, is happy to advertise liberal speakers. And that is a good thing! But it has refused to tweet out information about Murray’s talk. If that isn’t an example of bias against conservative speakers/ideas, what is it?

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