A reader commented yesterday:

At the faculty meeting today, a liberal cum libertarian critique of President Falk’s decision to cancel the Derbyshire talk was met with polite silence. A defense of President Falk’s decision was greeted with widespread applause.

1) Could other readers provide more details? Which faculty members spoke? What arguments did they make?

2) Those who hope that Williams is still a college rather than a madrasa might console themselves by imagining that the widespread applause was the dying gasp of an intellectually bankrupt regime, like the end of the miners’ strike in England 30 years ago. Those with a clear-eyed view of the future should cry over the Williams that was.

3) One of the mostly widely-read essays at EphBlog is about why smart 18-year-olds should choose Williams over Harvard. I have talked to more than one Eph who came across this essay while making her decision and was influenced by it. Yet can any lover of freedom continue to make that recommendation? At Harvard, students are treated as adults. They can invite someone with unpopular ideas, someone like John Derbyshire, to campus. They can listen to him and argue with him. At Williams, students can’t do that. They have about as much agency, at least when it comes to unpopular ideas, as 5th graders at the local elementary school.

If you are someone who is happy to follow the herd, who has no interest in bucking the mores of polite society, then Williams is probably still a better college than Harvard. But, if you are someone who sees the world differently than Adam Falk, then you ought to think twice before coming to Williams.

And those are perhaps the saddest words ever written at EphBlog . . .

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