Has The Chalkening come to Williams?

“If you’re listening right now, you’re one of the lucky ones that survived the Chalkening.”

That’s how the fraternity-culture and southern-college-culture brand Old Row opened its weekly podcast on Wednesday. The line, fit for an apocalypse movie, referred to a campaign by Donald Trump’s young supporters on college campuses. Their weapon of choice in their crusade to push their candidate into the White House? Chalk.

After students protested in March following the appearance of pro-Trump messages written in chalk at Emory University—which students who demonstrated said they saw as part of wider, ongoing racial issues on the school’s Atlanta campus—the national organization Students for Trump instructed its members to carry out more chalkings.

1) Has there been a Chalkening at Williams, or any other NESCAC school? Not that I have heard.

2) How many Republican and/or Trump-supporters are there among the students? The Garfield Republican Club seems to have been dead for at least several years. Isn’t it obviously unhealthy for one half of the political spectrum to have no meaningful representation at Williams? Wouldn’t it be wise for Williams to admit at least a handful of (academically qualified!) student Republicans?

3) Is chalking still a form a commentary/protest at Williams? The latest reference I can find to the Queer Student Union’s annual chalking of campus pathways is more than a decade old. Were the last chalk commentaries at Williams about caterpillars 10 years ago this spring?


By the way, the student who took those photos will return as a professor this fall. Old Time is still a-flying.

Informed commentary welcome.

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