The title is a description, not a commandment. From Adam Falk:

It’s my great pleasure to share with you the news that economics faculty member David Love, whom we all know as Dukes, will serve as the college’s next provost. The board has now approved his appointment, which will begin September 1.


1) How did Love get the nickname “Dukes?”

2) The inside track on Adam Falk’s successor is now complete: incoming Dean of the College Marlene Sandstrom, incoming Provost David Love and Dean of the Faculty Denise Buell. After an outsider president (like Falk), the natural inclination will be for the trustees to choose an insider, and those three will (presumably) hold the three most senior faculty leadership positions. Perhaps Buell is the one to bet on because Williams has often (?) promoted Deans of the Faculty to President (Oakley? Chandler? Others?) and because there will be huge pressure to pick a woman.

3) The only appearance that Love has made on EphBlog was when he received tenure 6 years ago. A good sign or a bad sign for his future success as Provost?

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