Sadly, it is becoming more and more obvious that we can’t trust Williams to make publicly accessible documents that it has made public in the past. The most obvious example involve the Common Data Sets, which used to go back to 1998 but now only go back to 2011. Isn’t that pathetic? (And, yes, I have e-mailed to complain.) So:

1) Below are permanent copies of what I have now, less they disappear in the future.

2) Note how we have copies for 2009/2010 and 2010/2011, but these PDFs don’t exist on the Williams webpage anymore. Isn’t it sad that, if you want to look at these, you have to come to EphBlog?

A key part of transparency (and taking history seriously) is maintaining permanent copies of public Williams documents.

CDS 2009-2010
CDS 2010-2011
CDS 2011-2012
CDS 2012-2013
CDS 2013-2014
CDS 2014-2015

I think the below links used to work, but they don’t now. I hope to investigate this later.

CDS 2000-2001
CDS 2001-2002
CDS 2002-2003
CDS 2003-2004
CDS 2004-2005
CDS 2005-2006
CDS 2006-2007
CDS 2007-2008
CDS 2008-2009

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