The College is surveying parents.

Dear Parent of X,

Here at the college we’re always trying to do our job better. An important aid to that is the feedback we get in a variety of ways from students and, once every few years, from this survey of you, our students’ families.

We find it very helpful to learn how satisfied you are with various aspects of the college, how useful you find the information we send you, what concerns you have about your child’s experience, and how you’re paying for your child’s education.

To broaden our understanding of these matters, we’ve joined with 34 other colleges and universities to develop and field a survey to families of current undergraduates.

We’d be very grateful if you took a few minutes to complete it by visiting this link:

Some of the questions touch on sensitive areas, and I can assure you that your individual responses will be kept strictly confidential. The data as a whole will be used for institutional improvement, and the results will only be reported as statistics for large groups of families.

The more families who participate, the more valuable the results will be and the stronger a sense we’ll have of what we’re doing well and where we can improve.

Sincerely yours,

Adam F. Falk
President and Professor
Williams College

1) Interesting. What are the factors that predict parental satisfaction with Williams? I predict that rich parents (with children not on financial aid) are much more likely to be satisfied than non-rich parents. What do you predict?

2) Might the College make this data available, at least to the Record? Doubtful! But the Record ought to ask.

3) There is a great senior thesis to be written using this data. Who will write it?

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