EphBlog’s favorite NPR reporter, Fred Thys ’80, writes:

I’m trying to gather annual letters from Williams to parents and students explaining why tuition is going up and by how much. I’d like to gather letters from 1977 on.

The letters are not available at the Williams Archives, because they are part of the Presidential files, and thus, sealed for 100 years.

Any ideas?

1) A quick search through EphBlog’s archives doesn’t provide much. Here are the e-mails for 2006, 2009, 2015 and 2016. I am embarrassed that we don’t have more to offer to Fred, but perhaps these will be helpful.

2) Please help Fred! Just copy and paste the annual tuition announcement that you received into the comments for this thread.

3) “[S]ealed for 100 years?!” How pathetic is that? The Colleges paranoid secrecy manifests itself in many ways, and this is perhaps the most ludicrous.

a) No one objects to sensitive documents — tenure reviews, private correspondence with individuals, trustee meeting notes, et cetera — being kept private for decades. But 100 years! Give me a break! Aren’t US government documents largely declassified after just 50 years?

b) But the documents that Fred is looking for are not secret! They were each sent to around 1,500 students and about three thousand parents. The College ought to maintain an archive of every e-mail that was sent to general mailing lists like all-campus or all-students. That record should be public, maintained by Katie Nash, Williams most excellent new archivist.

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