From The New York Times:

A Democratic senator frustrated with congressional inaction on gun violence led a nearly 15-hour Senate filibuster before yielding the floor early Thursday, making a pledge that he and his colleagues would press hard for more gun control three days after 49 people were killed at a Florida nightclub.

Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy ended a series of speeches with his Democratic colleagues at 2:11 a.m EDT after promising at the outset that he would remain on the Senate floor “until we get some signal, some sign that we can come together.” At the end, he said he had won commitments from Republican leaders that they would hold votes on amendments to expand background checks and ban gun sales to suspected terrorists. It is unlikely that those amendments will pass.

1) A longtime reader has requested that EphBlog provide a place for Ephs from all parts of the political spectrum to argue about the issues of the day. So be it! Got an opinion on gun control, feel free to hold forth. See here for useful background reading.

2) What odds would you give on Murphy ’96 running for President someday? Baring election loss or personal scandal, I would say 75%. Almost every young male senator wants to be president, and Murphy will have the experience and fund-raising connections to make a real run in a few years.

3) What are the odds of Murphy becoming president some day? I don’t know. 5%? When he runs, he will have EphBlog’s full support!

4) What advice would you give to Murphy about how best to achieve his goal of stricter gun control?

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