It is becoming clearer each day that we can not trust the College to maintain public copies of official documents that it has, in the past, made public. Sad! So, before they disappear forever, here are various historical reports from the Honor and Discipline Committee: Honor and Discilpline Report Fall 2003, Honor and Discipline Report Spring 2004, Honor and DIscipline Report Fall 2004, Honor and Discipline Report Spring 2005, Honor and Discipline Report 2005-2006, Honor and Discipline Report Spring 2007,
Honor and Discipline Report 2007-08 and Honor and Disc Report 2008-09.

A typical example:

A Senior was accused of submitting a paper that included sections of another students’ work as part of a group project. The student admitted to the charge and described particular pressures associated with the assignment that clouded their judgment. The Committee found the student guilty and imposed failure in the course and Disciplinary Probation until graduation.

All hail the Honor and Discipline Committee! They take their job seriously and meet out serious punishment. Although grade inflation has been out of control at Williams for decades, my sense (contrary opinions welcome!) is that the punishment for, say, plagiarism is just as serious now as it was in the 1950s.

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