A central service of EphBlog is to provide guidance on who/what to root for in various disputes. Our rule: Favor the Eph! Consider the issue of The Justice League (DC Comics) versus The Avengers (Marvel). The closest Williams connections we can find is Zack Snyder (son of Ed Snyder ’58), director of Batman versus Superman.

Yet the director has long had roots in Berkshire County.

His mother, Marsha, was originally from Pittsfield, while his father, Ed, was a Williams College graduate. While the family moved around for years from areas ranging from New Jersey to Texas to Connecticut, the Snyders eventually settled back down in Pittsfield, where Zack would visit as an adult.

Throughout it all, Ed Snyder said, his son was always interested in film. Even as early as the sixth grade, Zack would buy “Star Wars” and army action figures as stop-motion test subjects for his 8 millimeter camera.

“[Zack] would paint sets in the background of the garage, and he would take a shot by setting up all of these figures. It would be one frame, and take another frame, and move it a little bit,” Ed recalled. “At the end of 2 1/2 months, it would probably watch a 10- to 15-minute movie.”

Are they any other Eph connections to these movies?

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