Welcome to a new year at Williams! As we delight in having you on campus, we want to do all we can to ensure your safety and provide for a healthy community. To that end, we want to share with you the college’s policies related to alcohol. Our aim with these policies is about following the law, of course, but it’s also—importantly—about reducing high-risk drinking behaviors.


Here are the main elements of our campus alcohol policies and Responsible Party Standards:


  • Hard alcohol and common source alcohol (kegs, punch, etc.) are prohibited
  • Providing alcohol to anyone under 21 is prohibited (and illegal)
  • Parties of more than 20 people must be registered
  • Party hosts must adhere to safe room capacity and safe drinking standards (no more than 120 servings of beer or wine permitted, or up to twice the room capacity, whichever is less)


Visit http://student-life.williams.edu/events/student-event-planning/basic-events/  for more details.


We also want to remind students to follow safe practices and the law when they are off campus.  In addition to following the law and your landlord’s policies on alcohol use, we encourage you not to have hard alcohol and to keep parties from becoming large and unmanageable.


Campus Safety and Security provides a key role in maintaining a safe environment.  Officers conduct checks for registered parties and will help hosts keep the party safe and in compliance.  Unless the registered party becomes unsafe, CSS will work with the host to keep the party open.


CSS Officers also conduct “hotspot” checks in areas that have exhibited patterns of unsafe/irresponsible behaviors.   If CSS comes across an unregistered party or a situation involving violations of the responsible party standards (even if it’s registered), they will collect ID information from students involved and will report the incident to the Office of the Dean of the College for their action.


Accountability and Responsibility

Violations of the Responsible Party Standards and the Code of Conduct will result in response from the Office of the Dean of the College, sanctions for which range from various types of warnings to disciplinary action including suspensions and expulsions.


For a fuller description of violations and sanctions, go to http://dean.williams.edu/policies/code-of-conduct/


The college also has a Medical Amnesty PolicyWe recognize that there may be times when excessive drinking and/or drug use becomes a medial emergency. Under this policy, if an individual seeks medical attention (for themselves or for someone else) due to such an emergency, student conduct disciplinary action will not be taken against the student for consumption or possession of alcohol or drugs.


Visit http://dean.williams.edu/policies/code-of-conduct/ for more information on the alcohol policy and for the Medical Amnesty policy.


Thank you for your support of these policies and standards. They are critical in keeping students safe and helping them to thrive at Williams.


Best Regards,


Dave Boyer, Director of Campus Safety and Security

Rachel Bukanc, Senior Associate Dean of the College

Stephen Klass, Vice President for Campus Life

Marlene Sandstrom, Dean of the College, Hales Professor of Psychology

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