Hello Ephs,

We wanted to reach out to you all about an important upcoming event. As hopefully most of you know by now, the Board of Trustees will be on campus this upcoming weekend. They will be hosting an Open Forum for all students this Saturday from 1-2:30pm in Griffin 3. The aim of this event is to foster engagement between the student body and the Board of Trustees, and will allow opportunities for questions, storytelling, and listening. In sharing our personal experiences, we hope members of the Board will be able to better understand what Ephs need and want from our institution today.

This forum will be the first of three events hosted by the Board of Trustees for students this year. In order for CC to best represent you, we invite you to fill out this quick and anonymous survey. Additionally, you can find the Facebook event here.

In preparation for this event, we encourage you to think carefully about your time at Williams. This is a great opportunity for us to share our stories, and learn from one another about the issues and realities our classmates are facing. We urge all who are able to take this opportunity to strengthen our relationship with the Board and work towards positive and lasting change at Williams.

All the Best,

The College Council Executive Board

Michelle Bal and Caitlin Buckley
Alex Besser
VP for Academic Affairs
Ben Gips
VP for Student Affairs
Chetan Patel and Ava Anderson
VP for Student Organizations
Suiyi Tang
VP for Community and Diversity
Michael Rubel
VP for Communications
Web Farabow
Allegra Simon

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