Dear Students,

I hope this email finds you all well, and that you are enjoying this beautiful beginning of fall. With fall comes the changing of leaves, crisp mornings, and of course, Halloween celebrations.

Halloween is traditionally a time for gathering with friends, donning costumes, slipping into a different persona for a few hours, and eating candy with wild abandon. There can be great joy in planning costumes, gatherings, and celebrations. In the midst of the excitement, however, students can lose sight of their usual sensitivity and good judgement about how their behavior will impact others. In particular, students sometimes choose costumes that misrepresent, marginalize, or poke fun at particular racial or cultural groups, religions, socioeconomic classes, sexual identities, or other groups. Although students who choose these costumes often do not intend to offend anyone, their costumes can make others feel offended or marginalized.

If you are planning to dress-up for Halloween, or will be attending any social gatherings planned for the weekend, please think carefully about your costume. Williams is committed to being a supportive and safe community for all of its members. So please do be safe and thoughtful, and have fun in a way that doesn’t impinge on the fun of others.

All best wishes,

Dean Sandstrom

Marlene J. Sandstrom
Dean of the College and Hales Professor of Psychology
Williams College
Phone: (413) 597-4261

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