It’s Halloween! What costume suggestions do we have for current student/faculty/staff?

1) I think that the best choice is to go as a member of the Taco Six!


Note that, by wearing a sombrero and mustache, you are not dressing up as a Mexican. According to Professor Rhon Manigault-Bryant, Dean Sandstrom and Doug Schiazza, you shouldn’t dress up as a Mexican. (It is unclear if Williams would punish you for doing so, but why risk it?) But that isn’t what you are doing! You are dressed up, in a meta-costume, as a member of the Taco Six, not as a Mexican! You are, perhaps, making a political statement. Or perhaps you are just trying to come up with the costume that Manigault-Bryant/Sandstrom/Schiazza would find very scary!

2) Another scary figure from Williams past is Professor Aida Laleian. Who among our readers remembers of Nigaleian controversy of 12 years ago? Note that, after you dress up as Laleian, it is not absolutely necessary that you yell the word “N*****” at fellow members of the Williams faculty, but that sure would spice up the evening!

3) If you do dress up as former professor Bernard Moore, please avoid using blackface. A prison uniform along with some forged student loan documents — and perhaps a letter of recommendation from Professor Cathy Johnson — are all that you need to complete your ensemble.

Other suggestions?

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