Dear fellow Ephs,

Hope your midterms season is winding down because…it’s time for the second Lyceum dinner of the year!

The Nutting Family cordially invites you to ask a professor or staff member (administration, chaplains, health services, Davis Center, campus life, CSS, facilities, dining services, etc.) to a partially subsidized, three-course meal at the Faculty Club for this special dinner. This Lyceum Dinner will be held at the Faculty House at 6:45 pm on Tuesday, Nov. 15th, 2016

Due to popular demand and to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules, this dinner will be flexible in terms of how many people can be in each party. 1, 2, 3… up to 7 students may invite any ONE member of the faculty or staff to dinner. (We are trying this out still so things may revert in the future.)

Another important clarification: if selected to attend Lyceum, it WILL take away your meal swipe for dinner on 11/15/2016. That’s why we ask for your student ID’s on the registration form. Sorry for the confusion in the past and we hope this won’t deter you from signing up! The meal swipes help pay for a portion of dinner. The Nutting Fund pays for all of the faculty/staff guests’ Lyceum meals and for 1/2 of each Lyceum meal for students with meal plans. If you are a senior and not on a meal plan, don’t worry you can still attend! Just clarify on the form that you don’t have a meal plan and the Nutting Fund will also cover your meal!

Spaces are given on a first-come, first-served basis, with preferences given to:

1) those with parties of 4 (3 students and 1 faculty/staff)

2) those who have not yet attended a Lyceum dinner (still best chance for the class of 2020 out there yayy).

The entrée options for this dinner are:

-Salmon with maple-dijon glaze

-Chicken with sundried tomatoes and basil cream sauce

-Vegetable Strata

To register, please fill out the online form at:

As always, forward a confirmation email from your guest; your registration will not be considered until we receive the guest’s confirmation email.

The online registration form will close as soon as all spaces have been filled. If you have any questions, please email



Lyceum Coordinator

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