Dear Students, This election season has been one of the most fraught, divisive, and difficult in history, and has been challenging for all of us.  Many students (as well as faculty and staff) are feeling acutely upset, overwhelmed, and frightened this morning. Please take this opportunity to reach out to your classmates, to offer support, to be open to discussion, to be ready to listen, and to remind everyone you see on campus that our community stands ready to support all of us. In times of stress, one of the most helpful things we can do is come together and exchange our ideas, beliefs, fears, and plans for strategic action.  Please take the opportunity to do this, both inside and outside of the classroom.  Find ways to engage with each other, with faculty and staff, with your families and friends at home.  Above all, take good care of yourselves. In addition, there are many additional resources available to you, and I encourage you to use them.  Please come see us in the Dean’s Office, in the Davis Center, in the Chaplains Office, and in the Health Center.  We are here to talk, to problem solve, and to listen.  You don’t need to have a specific question or concern…..just a desire to connect and find support.  And if you are aware that a friend or classmate is struggling, please help them find their way to us.   All best wishes, Dean Sandstrom

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