What sports teams should Ephs route for? As always, EphBlog takes the view that, in all areas, you should route for the person/organization most closely associated with Williams. Even Republican Ephs should, for example, vote for Democratic Senator Chris Murphy ’96 to be re-elected.

When it comes to sports, my suggestions would be:

Football: The New England Patriots, largely run by team president Jonathan Kraft ’86, a former Williams trustee and heir apparent in the Kraft Group, which owns the team. That the Patriots are also geographically close to Williamstown is also a plus. Is there another football team with a meaningful Eph connection?

Baseball: The Yankees (in the American league) and Pirates (in the National League) are both owned by Eph families, the Steinbrenners and the Nuttings. What other baseball teams have Eph connections?

Basketball: The best I can do is the San Antonio Spurs, whose assistant coach is Will Hardy ’10. Other suggestions?

US Soccer: Perhaps the New England Revolution, also owned by the Kraft family? Dan Calichman ’89 is an assistant coach at Toronto FC. I think there are some Ephs associated with the expansion franchise Los Angeles FC. Others?

On hockey and more international leagues (La Liga? Premier League?), I have no suggestions. Help us out, readers!

And, this evening, go Patriots!

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