Dave PaulsenNice blurb in the Washington Post’s Sports Bog today about Dave Paulsen ’87 and how he reacted to an unexpected visit from Spike Lee to his team’s meeting recently.  The opening paragraph of the story sets the stage nicely:




Dave Paulsen had his George Mason team at attention last Saturday morning and was ready to tell them about embracing the process. There was a basketball element to his talk — about not being obsessively results-driven, about not living and dying on every shot, about accepting coaching and enjoying hard work — but it also tied into the upcoming second semester, and how the Patriots needed to embrace their academics with a certain verve.

The rest of the story is worth reading for a few minutes.  A quick perusal of the comments to the post shows lots of love for Dave, who is getting good reviews here at George Mason.  I wonder if he ever gave any serious consideration to staying at Williams? I suspect the money available at Division 1 schools was simply too much to pass up, not to mention the professional challenge of succeeding at a higher level of basketball.

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