Dear fellow Ephs:

The beginning of the spring semester is a few days away! I hope you are looking forward to a wonderful spring 2017 and all the learning that will come with it!

More than likely, over the next few months of the spring, you’ll be emailing your professors. They love to hear from you!

Sometimes though, emailing a professor can be a bit scary (even though it shouldn’t be!). How formal should I be? What should I say? How should I even begin? You are not the only one asking these questions.

Good news! We have some answers for you.

Last fall, the Committee on Educational Affairs assembled a resource: A Guide to Emailing Professors. And it’s only one (double-sided) page! With two free sample emails! The guide is a collection of email-related tips from professors and students. (You can find it attached to this email.)

Your professors teach at Williams because they care about you! They want to hear from you, and they want to connect with you. Don’t be afraid to send them an email with a question, or to set up a meeting, or to find a time to just chat!
Your professors an important part of the Williams community and your experience at the College, so we hope you connect with them this semester. They love hearing from you! And we hope this guide is useful for all students––from first-years to seniors.
Please be in touch with any questions or comments. We, like your professors, love hearing from you!

Yours in a love of sending emails,
Jeffrey Rubel ’17
Student Chair, Committee on Educational Affairs


Contact the CEA: Feel free to reach out with any questions about your own academic experience or with suggestions/ideas about how to improve the overall Williams curriculum. We love hearing from you! Your idea could shape how we learn and teach at Williams. (Send questions, thoughts, reflections, and ideas to Jeffrey Rubel at


Thank you to the following people for their submissions to the guide: Professor Ralph Bradburd (ECON), Professor Phoebe Cohen (GEOS), Professor Susan Dunn (HIST), Professor Stephen Fix (ENGL), Professor Paul Karabinos (GEOS), Professor Anthony Nicastro (RLIT), Professor Lee Park (CHEM), Professor Greg Phelan (ECON), Professor Leyla Rouhi (RLSP), Professor Tom Smith (CHEM), Professor Janneke van de Stadt (RUSS), Jackie Lane ’16, Luis Urrea ’16, Em Nuckols ’16, Stephanie Caridad ’18, Gary Chen ’18, Jack Greenberg ’18, Alexandra Griffin ’18, and Allegra Simon ’18.

Also, thank you to Stephanie Caridad ’18 (CEA) and to Celeste Pepitone-Nahas ’17 and Chris Lyons ’17, co-chairs of the Mental Health Committee, for editing earlier drafts for the guide.

Supported by the Deans Office and the Committee on Educational Affairs.

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