In the words of Maria from The Sound of Music
“Course exploration is one of my favorite things!”
In the words of Alexander Hamilton from Hamilton
“I’m not throwing away my shot … to explore courses!”
In the words of Yoda from Star Wars
“May course exploration be with you.”
It’s time to be like Dora the Course Explorer!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The start of the semester is your chance to explore courses and try something new. You have 32 courses at Williams; make the most of all of them! You just might learn the most when you take a course outside of your comfort zone. Take a risk. Try something new.Use the first two days of the semester (Wednesday and Friday of this week) to explore all the curriculum has to offer!Do not limit yourself to the courses you pre-registered for. Go to the first class meetings of courses that look interesting –– this is a great way for you to test out a class and see if you like it. Professors welcome students in the first class meeting of open courses (so long as you contact them ahead of time –– see the email guide sent out a couple of days ago!). During the first two days of the semester, you may want to go to five or six (or more) first class meetings! Exploring courses can be a fun!

If you need some inspiration, check out stories and words of wisdom from some of your fellow Ephs in this video! And, check out the Your 32 series on the Humans of Williams Facebook page to read stories of course exploration!

This advice, we hope, is as true for first-years as it is for seniors. It is never too late to try something new.


These are “Your 32.”
They are “Your Chance to Explore.”
Make the most of them!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please contact Jeffrey Rubel (jnr2@williams.edu). We love hearing from you!

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