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Class Positions for Senior Week and Commencement Weekend

Hey Seniors!

Amazingly, we’re almost to 50 days until graduation! (54 to be exact right now…)
Thank you to everyone who nominated someone and/or voted in the election for Class Positions over the last 4-5 days! About 70% of seniors voted, which is fantastic, and every position was an incredibly tight race! You can find the winners of the election listed below!
We everyone is having the chance to enjoy the spectacular weather yesterday and today!
-Your Class Officers
Class Speaker – Jeffrey Rubel
Class Marshals – Elizabeth Curtis & Wilfred Guerron
Class Historian – Nico MacDougall
Class Gardener – Brett Bidstrup
Class Poet – Ariel Chu
Class Musician – Scott Daniel
Class Artist – Amalie Dougish
Class Bell-Ringer – Nathaniel Vilas
Class Toasters – Mariama Ndiaye, Tyler Duff, Troy Sipprelle, Olivia Larsen, Laura Lee
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#1 Comment By JCD On April 12, 2017 @ 1:08 am

I met a Harvard grad a month ago who added to his resume that he was one of his class marshals. He acted like I should have been very impressed by that fact but I didn’t know much about it or the traditions involved with that role. I read up on it. Even so, it seems a little weird to me to add that to your adult resume. I grew up on the west coast. Is it a big deal to be your class marshal among the HYP?