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Marko Remec is a conceptual sculptor living and working in New York City with his wife and two children. Born in 1958, Remec graduated with degrees in Studio Art and Chemistry from Williams College and earned his MBA from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.

In his works, Remec visualizes the oft-invisible aspects of the global political machine—threat, negotiation, and compromise. Having spent twenty-five years as a Mergers & Acquisitions specialist at two of the leading financial institutions on Wall Street (Morgan Stanley and Lazard), he is well versed in “corporate warfare” and the inextricable link between economic and actualized conflict. Warping function and re-contextualizing form, Remec distorts traditional expectations of usage and scale to incisively examine systems of power and the ways in which they affect our perceptions and realities.

Remec’s most recent work is his ongoing Totem Series, in which he uses flag and utility poles, both regular fixtures of the urban and suburban landscape. Adhering readymade objects to the poles, such as safety mirrors, bicycles, mops, brooms, and rearview mirrors, he transforms them into contemporary totems.

The Huffington Post March 21, 2013

The totem is displayed with The Ship of Tolerance, a floating conceptual work 0f Ilya and Emilia Kabakov.







The installation in Zug, CH.



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