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Falk:Derbyshire :: ?:? Part 1

Who remembers the analogy questions from the old SAT Verbal?


Recall Adam Falk’s February 2016 decision to ban John Derbyshire from speaking at Williams. When was the last time that a Williams president banned someone from speaking on campus? In other words, we need the answer to the following analogy:


Any guesses from our readers? It has taken us more than a year to answer this question and, even now, I am not sure if we have it correct.

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#1 Comment By Alum-Anon On June 6, 2017 @ 9:24 pm

Although I am not aware of a previous president banning an invited speaker from campus, I am given to understand that in the past certain invited speakers may have been made to feel less than welcome by faculty and administration.

In one instance an invited speaker arrived with spouse and children in tow, and the College had not made housing arrangements for the family. Apparently the invited speaker was also ignored by faculty. In any case, a group of students rose to the occasion when the College simply refused to do so, and not only invited the speaker to dinner in Prospect House, but also arranged for the family to stay the night in the guest suite there.

Memories are not clear, but the speaker in question may have been George W. Ball, Undersecretary of State in both the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. This would have been somewhere between 1965 and 1967.