… the new bookstore.

In the 150th anniversary of FLW post (below), David asks the question about campus buildings that FLW would have liked/disliked. Paresky is the mention for ‘liked’ from  Anon88.

This for ‘disliked’ from anonymous : Re DDF Q2: Have you seen the new bookstore?

Viewed alone, the new store seems to me rather too Mall-appropriate. However in the scale of Spring Street, at least the facade facing the street seems to  continue the small scale repetition with awnings of a small town business street.

I know that I am cheating when I come to the ‘feel’ of the store with these two comparisons … The Harvard COOP and the former Borders on Union Square in SF. Both were built inside the facades of older construction on Squares. In addition to the sizes of the cities v village, a new structure was needed to house the bookstore since there were no suitable vacant buildings.

I don’t disagree but that the location at the foot of the street across from the Log will increase commercial traffic on the street.

But to the question that FLW asked students “Can you say when your building is complete, that the landscape is more beautiful than it was before?”, my answer is ‘NO’. Too big, too out-of scale and commercial inside with the many attractions devised to increase traffic. And, at least in my old-guy POV, not the feel and aura of Williams. Somewhere we seem to be loosing the feel of a unified small-town campus for undergrads and a few MA candidates.

Please feel free to present your views in comments or posts. After all, I’m some old grad in a small town on the Columbia River where we have had the same questions on new commercial and residential construction. As you might guess, I am not a proponent of MacMansions and do favor the better utilization for density in a town with limited space.




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