(It beats me why I can’t get this just to play. Watch it … new lyrics including TRUMP (The Eric Idle English Seaside setting premiered by the ENO)

… and who in addition to our Lord High Executioner is keeping such a list? And how has such a list of subtle changes to our basic democracy since his transport to DC become a viral hit?

The answer:

 Amy Siskind, from this article in the WAPO, 25, June 2107 ,“who lives just outside New York City, left Wall Street in 2008. Over a 20-year career, she’d become an expert in distressed-debt trading and, at one point, co-headed the trading department at Morgan Stanley and became the first female managing director at another firm.

… and the list-in-progress:

God, what is the Williams link I hear you gnashing? Why whom else than …

Richard J. Miller, Jr. ’86

A highly successful New York attorney, Rich has also maintained an active career as a tenor, performing in many of the works of Gilbert & Sullivan and Victor Herbert, with professional and amateur companies, international festivals, and college organizations. In 2003, Mr. Miller was designated “Best Male Voice” at the International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival in Buxton, England.  In 2013, he was the tenor soloist in the Williams College Choir performance of Mendelssohn’s Elijah.  Rich currently serves as the President of the Metropolitan Opera Guild.

… from the Williams College list of grads in the world of music.



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