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Marcus Slams Falk Over Derbyshire, 5

Last year, Professor George Marcus attacked President Adam Falk over his decision to ban John Derbyshire from speaking at Williams. Let’s spend a week discussing his argument. Today is Day 5.

Marcus concludes:

The liberal arts are the arts that make you free. And among the arts that make you free are those that enable you to learn how to deal with contentious conversation, how to inquire, speak, lead, follow and act as an autonomous citizen rather than, as the current local norm seems to have it, demand to be protected against discomfort. The norms of social, intellectual and political tolerance conflict and that adds to the complexity of being at a liberal arts college. We all need to learn to navigate between these contrary norms with practiced competence. It would behoove us all – students, faculty and administrators – to repair the self-inflicted damage and become, once again, a true liberal arts College. But that requires leadership. To that end we need an administration that understands and acts on its many obligations.

Perhaps we will get one in January?

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#1 Comment By anonymous On July 21, 2017 @ 10:43 am

It’s more likely that the new regime will view the “liberal arts” as a tool of oppression, like the rest of western civilization. Williams will be reimagined, in some poorly thought out way.

#2 Comment By JCD On July 21, 2017 @ 12:44 pm

I don’t know. Perhaps there is a ray of light here. We have reach the lowest possible point, the point where a U.S. Senator starts noticing that your college president is doing such a horrible job of educating (and protecting) your sons and daughters that he calls your college president unfit for his position.

Senator calls college president ‘unfit’ for canceling conservative speakers on campus