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…in their ‘comments’, these old posts show an interest and avidity to fun as well as the darker side of Williams ongoing course.

My political jabs were also a continuing part of the blog at the time.


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I have been unable to find the name of the architect who designed this splendid house. In 1912, Mr Procter had a house built in Georgian Revival in Lenox. It is now The GateWays Inn and very similar to the earlier home but minus the imposing portico. 9275

I realize I haven’t been doing much more than cut-and-paste on this series, figuring with houses still standing, someone somewhere has the original plans, particularly on the purpose-built buildings. But this one seems to be in danger of being lost. Does anyone have a clue? James Gamble Rogers keeps nosing in but the connection seems too obvious.
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Added 6 November. Sent in by Don Rosencrantz, a KA from Lehigh: This great picture from 1940. Remember this was originally a summer cottage in Williamstown for Harlow Procter, the Father of Ivory Soap!
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Added 7 November Again, through the courtesy of Don Rosencrantz, KA Lehigh, two more pictures of former KA Lodges preceding the purchase of the Procter House.
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