Drs Carolyn and Eli Newberger have made a gift of their 340 object collection of art from the Ashanti, Bamana, Baule, Bobo, Dogon, Igbo, Mossi, Peul, Senufo, and Yoruba people.

“This generous gift greatly expands WCMA’s collection of African art and will be incredibly valuable not only in teaching but also in showing art that is politically, socially, and culturally relevant,” said Class of 1956 Director Christina Olsen. “ We are grateful to Carolyn and Eli for their vision and generosity.”


This is another recognition of the WCMA. Of particular interest to me personally is this description  of the museum: “A defining feature of this institution is its unique exhibition style; presenting art within its cultural and historical context to incite thought-provoking experiences.”


Isn’t this, after all, how art should be understood? And , in fact, isn’t this thought the basis for a liberal arts education?

JCD: Comment?


“This is just post-modern drivel. Art should be valued and displayed because it is beautiful. Museum directors are only amateurs in politics, sociology or cultural anthropology. Only in a world without standards of beauty would a dorky looking pot ever become a part of an art exhibit.”

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