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Rather nice line drawing of campus landmarks.

I’ve attached my input beneath the fold. 

I have no doubt that the new candidate will have great credentials in academia and administration.

It is how the candidate thinks and the vision being put into action that is of importance to me.

The candidate should not believe that Williams is akin to any of the Ivies except maybe Dartmouth. And definitely not the U of Chicago or Stanford. Or any of the great research universities where undergrads may be of sharing the faculty interest.

The candidate, while respecting  ‘ratings’ to justify high cost and competitive comparison, should not seize on these as the benefits for use in positioning.

Williams has many features that may add up to advantages and benefits. Hopefully, the candidate will be able to express a vision that is achievable and wholly fitting to the image of Williams. eg ‘The Best College in the World’ is a child-like boast rather than an achievable goal.

Williams is a small, undergraduate school in a refreshing setting, equipped with facilities that physically enhance the opportunity for the educational experience, and populated with professors dedicated to inspiring students to opening their minds to achieve their full potential.

I don’t believe it necessary for Williams with 2000 elite students to be a direct emulation of our society as a whole. While obtaining some degree of diversity is important, such a model is not compatible with student selection as carried out in real life.

I suppose the above is what might be expected

from an old grad in the Class of 1956.

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