Heart care in extreme winters prevent heart attack in cold

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Elephant or donkey, mammoth or cow, the animal world had palpitations on these days!

An illustration of Fake News, if I’ve ever seen one:

A 24 -24 tie. In this comment, our own DDF sums it up nicely …

David Dudley Field ’25 says:

Have two teams ever been so simultaneously disappointed by an outcome? Williams had the game well in hand, but then an Amherst comeback, including a pick-six and Patriot-esque two point conversion, robbed them of the victory. No wins for seven years now.

But Amherst is also hugely disappointed! They should have won and, if they had, they would be NESCAC champions now. The tie means that Trinity won the league.*

Does the football team do “The Walk” after a tie?**

* Nota bene: Trinity are the Bantams … while not a current or former Mammal, they are indeed Chordata Aves.

** In a comment under “Yard by Yard”, Ephs! reports “They Walked”


They Walked!


The Lying Press should be stopped by LAW!

Your personal experience, chest-wise?

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