The Williams Magazine Fall 2017  just arrived and in it, an article of great interest to this old Art History major! “Pushing the boundaries of curation and blurring the boundaries between Art and Technology”.  Yes! Five algorithms were constructed using crowd-sourced selections of the color pink, that would arrange pinkish objects according to saturation, pixels per square whatever, intensity and two others. The article is very well written and illustrated (pgs 11 – 17) 

I had to push my personal boundaries in art meaning and curation! I could not crowd-source data for the pink perception. And so, putting on a Pink Floyd side, Asst. Prof. Buffy (tenure track) and I curated my laundry basket to see if our results bolstered the Williams work. Indeed, they did:

Pink final,jpeg

Items L to R  A very saturated purply sock, a not-so-saturated pinkish sock, a paisley tie I thought I had lost, an actual pink sock, a pair of pink-checked boxer shorts, a pair of argyle socks (Brooks Brothers still makes these for the Old Guard), and a pink-and-blue striped shirt … this may explain the reappearance of the paisley tie.  And, of course, Asst. Prof. Buffy (tenure track).

My hats off to the cross-disciplinary Williams College team for this extraordinary breakthrough.

 (the above (album release 1979) may be viewed in light of the current legacy discussions)

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