abl made these interesting comments on admissions two months ago. Let’s spend a week going through them. Day 3.

Correct me if I’m mis-stating anything, but you presumably accept that–at least to a point–the marginal value of some/certain diversity is greater than the marginal cost of losing a couple of points off of your average SAT/GPAs. That’s why Williams shouldn’t simply matriculate the top 550 AR students.

Yes, “to a point.” So, for example, I do not want Williams to move toward a system in which we “simply matriculate the top 550 AR students.” At the very least, we need to maintain gender balance, otherwise many of the students we accept won’t attend.

I just want us to place less emphasis on race/athletics/wealth than we currently do, mainly by raising minimums across the board. Broadly speaking, we shouldn’t accept anyone below AR 4, and the few AR 4s we accept would be centered on the most important diversity, which, for me, is race.

Again, my proposal is not extreme. We would be as racially diverse as Middlebury, which is hardly a hive of Nazi villainy. We would be as socio-economically diverse as Bates, whose president, Clayton Spencer ’77, is hardly an apologist for the plutocracy. Our sports teams would try as hard as now, and have the same level of coaching support and resources. But they would only win about 1/2 their NESCAC games, about the same as Hamilton. Would a Williams that looked like this be all that different from Williams today in any way that truly mattered?

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