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Claiming Williams day really frustrates me. It totally throws off the beginning of the semester.

I pay tuition so I can take classes. This is time that could be spent actually learning from qualified instructors (not my victim-complex self-obsessed peers). I attended one event my freshman year about mental health on campus and couldn’t handle the masturbatory discussion. There was absolutely nothing productive or meaningful said… one person asked the panel of “mentally ill” (read: depressed/anxious) students, “What do you wish the college would do differently to make you feel better here?” and one responded, I swear to god, “Get rid of tuition. It’s very stressful”, and nobody pushed back against that response. I put “mentally ill” in quotes because students here have a loose definition of this term — if you worry about stuff or feel sad sometimes, you qualify as mentally ill. As the son of a schizophrenic person, this annoys me.

Most of my friends don’t go to any events. I don’t go to any events. I think you totally hit the nail on the head — it’s just a poorly planned and executed day. There’s no central kick-off event worth attending that would drag people out of bed. Free food is such a no brainer, but they couldn’t even pull that together. In years past they’ve bought pizza at the *end* of the day, pulling me away from doing my homework and job apps just in time for all the events to be over. It seems Mountain Day is about 10x better planned than Claiming Williams day, which is frustrating since they’re both given the very serious accommodation of cancelled classes.

I might sound cynical, but even my SJW friends aren’t big on this day. I rarely hear people who are excited for it… a lot of them feel like it’s just an empty gesture by the administration to appease their more legitimate concerns about the colleges misdeeds (for instance, divestment). It’s interesting that this is what comes out of the Davis Center… they have like three buildings dedicated to their activities on campus and a lot of full-time faculty, you’d think something better would be arranged.

What do other students think? Is my estimate that less than 500 students participate in Claiming Williams — where participation is defined as attending at least two events — reasonable?

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